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Coventry News

  • VOTE YESCoventry Budget Vote on Tuesday May 3, 2022

    Support our town ambulance, our great schools and more.  This budget starts to move us  out of the hole ccreated by COVID by reducing the use of reserves and one-time federal support for operating expenses.  It maintains critical services like police, fire services, road maintenance and recreation programs.  It incrases the mil rate by only 0.82 or 2.7%.

    The polling places for this budget referendum are: District 1 - Coventry Volunteer Fire Association,1755 Main Street and District 2 - North Coventry Volunteer Fire Department, 3427 Main Street. Polls will be open from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM.   To see the budget Click Here.

  • AmbulanceSupport the Town & Schools Budget!

    The budget keeps our important town services going, like the ambulance, our schools, police and more.  Your Town Council has worked hard to balance keeping taxes low and maintaining these important services.  To see the proposed budget Click Here.

    Attend the Town Meeting on April 23, 2022 at 10:00 AM in the Coventry High School Veterans Auditorium where there will be a presentation of the proposed Town Council and Board of Education budget to the community. The budget vote will be adjourned to referendum on May 3. 2022, 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM. For information on voting Click Here.

  •  Election ResultsDemocrats take control of Coventry Town Council

    By Ben Crnic / Journal Inquirer - Democrats were the big winners in Coventry’s Town Council race Election Day, with all five Democratic candidates earning a seat on the Council.

    The new Town Council will consist of Democratic incumbents Lisa D. Thomas and Jonathan B. Hand, as well as newcomers Matthew Kyer, Robyn Elise Gallagher, and Marty Milkovic. As for Republicans, incumbent Julie Blanchard and newcomer John French also won Tuesday night.

    This outcome followed a 44% turnout from voters, a significantly large number for a municipal election.


  • HC Girls SoftballIn [Coventry], girls softball plays on borrowed fields while boys have two of their own. A referendum gives residents the chance to change that
    Hartford Courant Oct 24, 2021

    HARTFORD — For nearly 50 years, federal law has called for equal opportunities for males and females in sports. But in the small town of Coventry, the girls softball league has no permanent field, while the boys have two baseball fields.

    To read the full article in the Hartford Courant on-line Click Here.

  • Jen Website PhotoCoventry Schools Chair Receives Prestigious CABE Award

    Coventry Public School’s Board of Education (BOE) Chairperson, Jennifer Beausoleil was designated as a Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE) Master Board of Education Member in the CABE Board Member Academy.  The prestigious honor is earned by showing Leadership, Ethics, running Effective Meetings and a wide variety of skills, knowledge, and abilities.