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Beginning on November 7, 2023 all November Elections for District 1, District 2 and Election Day Registration will be held at Coventry High School, 78 Ripley Hill Road.

Coventry Registrar’s of Voters
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Coventry Democrats

Coventry Farmers Market

Coventry Farmers Market

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Coventry News

  • BooksLibrary Gives Town $171,000 for Library Renovations

    COVENTRY — As renovations continue at the Booth & Dimock Memorial Library, the library's Board of Trustees presented a monetary boost for the project to offset what could have been a shortfall in funds and allow the work to go on as planned.

    At Monday's Town Council meeting, Board of Trustees President Joseph Jankowski presented a check of $171,000 from the board's endowment fund to complete the required payment for the library's renovation.

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  • VoteBudget Vote on Tuesday, May 2, 2023 - Please Vote Yes!

    There will be a vote on the proposed Town of Coventry budget on Tuesday, May 2, 2023 at the two firehouses. More on voting can be found at the Town website. More info on the budget may be found here.

     The proposed budget was unanimously approved a bi-partisan vote by the Town Council on a motion by Councilor Marty Milkovic (D) and seconded by Councilor John French (R). During deliberations, all Councilors worked diligently to make revisions to the Town Manager’s budget that take into account the impacts on taxpayers of inflation, stock market volatility, and energy costs. It is a bare bones budget with a 1.89% increase in the mil rate, meaning that in a time of record inflation Coventry’s tax rate is increasing at a fraction of that pace. The adopted budget includes broad reductions to both Town Government and Board of Education operating costs which will likely result in some reduction of services and programs. The Town Council is committed to continuing to seek grants and other funding to help reduce those impacts.

  •  thumbs up niceHighest Approval Ratings for Lamont

    Governor Lamont Had One Of The Highest Approval Ratings of Any Democratic Governor. “But the vast majority of governors, Lamont among them, are above water with positive net-approval ratings — the difference between voters who approve and disapprove, according to the University of Virginia Center for Politics. Lamont’s 22% is near the top among Democratic governors. Only John Carney of Delaware (26%) and Andy Beshear of Kentucky (23%) are doing better.”

  • Job Growth18 Straight Months of Job Growth

    The Connecticut Comeback continues as the state adds 1,700 jobs in June, and unemployment falls to 4%, the lowest since March 2020. With a year and a half straight of job growth, Governor Lamont continues to make Connecticut a great place to work and live.

  • primary election2022 Democratic Primary

    Tuesday August 9, 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM at the firehouses

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