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Coventry Town Council Goals 2021-2023, Adopted November 29, 2021

The Coventry Town Council pledges to listen to our constituents’ voices and to consider all perspectives during decision making. We understand that once we are elected to office, we represent all residents no matter their age, party affiliation or individual belief systems. We recognize that none of us always gets 100% of what we want. But when we engage in creative problem solving and the hard work of compromise, we ensure that everyone receives some of the benefits they seek. We encourage full participation in our local government by residents.

Goal 1:          Work Collaboratively with Town of Coventry Boards and Commissions in order to ensure efficient use of resources, financial and otherwise, to benefit all members of our community.

Goal 2: Demonstrate Strategic & Responsible Fiscal Management in order to be prepared for known expenses as well as for an uncertain future.

Goal 3:
Plan for and Support Ongoing Infrastructure and Public Works maintenance, recognizing that smart investments prepare Coventry for the future.

Goal 4: Maintain High Quality Public Safety Services making the safety of Coventry citizens a priority.

Goal 5: Continue to preserve, protect and enhance our natural resources and recreation opportunities.

Goal 6: Develop a transition plan that ensures a transparent hiring process for the next Town Manager, keeping the needs of our community foremost and making it a non-partisan process.

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