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Coventry Dems Campaign Videos
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Marty 2 Marty Milkovic, candidate for Coventry Town Council, tells us why we should vote Row A and elect the whole democratic team.
Gene 2 Gene Marchand, candidate for Coventry Board of Education asks us to vote row A for leadership, respect, civility and integrity.

Jen Beausoleil, Chair of the Board of Education, talks about the success of Coventry Public Schools


Carolyn Arabolos, Democratic Town Committee Chair, talks about our support of Girls Softball


Carly Imhoff talks about our town and why you should vote Row A


Marty Milkovic, candidate for Town Council, talks about improving our roads and supporting Girls Softball

Emma TC

Emma Eaton, Candidate for the Board of Education, addresses the Town Council about Republican member comments at the Board of Education

Robyn TC

Robyn Gallagher, candidate for Coventry Town Council


Matt Kyer, candidate for Coventry Town Council


Emma Eaton, candidate for the Coventry Board of Education

Robyn TC

Robyn Gallagher, Candidate for Coventry Town Council, addresses the Council regarding issues involving solid waste (trash) disposal