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Support Fixing Our Roads! Vote Yes on the Road Bond!

On November 8, 2022 a question will be on the ballot asking for support of a bond to increase the repair of Coventry’s 117 miles of roads.

Question: “Shall the resolution making an appropriation of $4,865,000 for the planning, design, engineering, construction, reconstruction and improvement of various town roadways, culverts and bridge replacement, and for the acquisition of a payloader machine, be approved?
YES_____ NO____”

 Please vote ‘YES’ on it and help us get our roads in a better condition. Doing so will save money in the long run because preventative maintenance delays more expensive rebuilding costs. Tight budgets over the years have limited how much the Town could do. This bond will make progress in getting our roads into a state of good repair.

Quick Facts

Coventry has 117 miles of roads. Tight budgets over the last few years has limited what maintenance and repairs the Town could do. A study done earlier this year recommends that to get our roads in a state of good repair will require between $1.5 and $3.0M per year for five years. The current Town budget only has about $600,000 for road work. The proposed Road Bond would cost $4,865,000 and the road work would take place over a four year period. Include would be drainage and culvert work. A payloader would also be purchased to replace our current old model which is failing. The road study and the plan for the bond money are available on the Town website: https://www.coventryct.org/131/Public-Works

The bond will be paid over several years. It would increase taxes by 0.215 mil in the FY2003-2004 budget. This would likely decrease in later years due to the retiring of other debt. The regular road work in the Town budget will also continue, so other road work will continue. Not all roads will be repaired with this bond, but it will make a good start.