Democrats for the Coventry Town Council  2023-2025


Lisa Thomas

Chair of the Coventry Town Council
Ex-officio Member of the Finance Committee and the Steering Committee
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I am running for re-election to the Town Council to provide continued, stable leadership for Coventry. Our town has new staff leadership and many important projects underway, and I’d like to be sure they are successful. I am especially excited about developing a master plan for Miller Richardson Park that we can implement in phases while we work towards a true multi-generational community space. I am a fierce advocate for the Town of Coventry and appreciate all it has given to my family and me.

My husband Eric and I have lived in Coventry since 1988. The Coventry Public Schools played a critical role in the ongoing success of our two adult daughters. I recently retired from a 37-year teaching career in special education and was named teacher of the year for Clover Street School in Windsor, CT in 2020.

I currently serve as Town Council Chairwoman and am proud of the respectful collaboration among the Town Council members that has resulted in making

Coventry the envy of our neighbors. In addition, I established the Future Problem-Solving Program in the Coventry Schools, and my C.L.E.A.N. Team was responsible for the creation of the Coventry Lake Advisory and Monitoring Committee



Marty Milkovic 

Vice-Chair of the Coventry Town Council
Member of the Finance Committee
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Completing my first two-year term as Vice-Chair of the Coventry Town Council, our Democratic team has had many successes including bi-partisan budgets and goals. WE have brought in over over $57 million in grants for HVAC updates to the High School, softball and baseball fields as well as other recreational facilities, road improvements and much more, These grants have saved Coventry taxpayes millions of dollar. I support sound fiscal responsibility, maintaining the rural character of Coventry, increasing the business tax base, road, and infrastructure improvements, and maintaining high-quality schools.

My wife Beth Bauer and I are twenty-year residents of Coventry. I have served as the Coventry Town Meeting Moderator for ten years under both Republican and Democratic Town Councils. Our son was a member of the North Coventry Volunteer Fire Department. We are deeply committed to our community

I have more than thirty years of human services and non-profit management experience and worked for thirteen years at the Connecticut Dental Health Partnership helping others gain access to oral health care. I also have experience working with community United Ways helping people obtain critically needed services. I am was an Adjunct Faculty and a Field Instructor with the UCONN School of Social Work.


Jon Hand

Secretary of the Coventry Town Council
Member of the Steering Committee
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I'm running for re-election to the Town Council to continue to guide our town forward on its journey toward progress and prosperity, without losing its charm and rural character. A successful Town Council must be adept at managing a wide range of challenges and opportunities to serve our community best. I have successfully served three terms on the Town Council and look forward to continuing to serve. I chaired the Town Council Steering Committee in my first term. 

My wife Allyson and I have two young daughters, and education is very important to us. I am a lifelong resident of Coventry and I graduated from the Coventry Public School system where I was an active member of the CHS Concert Band and CHS Jazz Band. I was also active in Coventry Volunteer Fire Association in both firefighting and emergency medical response.

I currently serve as a state government analyst at the Department of Labor and have a degree in economics from UCONN where I was a member of both the UCONN Marching Band and the UConn Pep Band.



Robyn Gallagher

Chair of the Finance Committee
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II am running because, after one term in office, I have seen that my background as an accountant and lawyer is well suited for confronting the continuing challenges and opportunities facing Coventry. 

My husband Sean and I moved to Coventry 10 years ago because we wanted both a small-town, close-knit community and a quality school system. We are the proud parents of two kids, both of whom started preschool at HEEC and are growing up in Coventry’s schools. My son is currently at the middle school and my daughter is at GHR.

We are very active in the community, not only am I currently serving on the Town Council but I serve as the Treasurer for the GHR PTO.  Sean is coaching his 5th season of rec soccer.  We also enjoy the plethora of town events that have become family traditions, including the Coventry Farmer’s Market, Arts on Main, and Christmas in the Village.

My degrees in accounting and law provide a unique perspective on the challenges facing town government. I practiced as an accountant and earned my CPA working with small businesses prior to law school. I am currently a litigation partner with a large Connecticut law firm.  I was recently selected by the Hartford Business Journal as one of their “40 Under 40.”  “The 40 Under 40 Awards recognize outstanding young professionals in the Greater Hartford Region that are excelling in their industries” and reflect “Leadership, Entrepreneur-ism, and Community.”


Matthew Kyer

Chair of the Steering Committee
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Growing up in a Navy family, I moved often, and never felt that I had a hometown. I have now lived in Coventry for 15 years - the longest I have ever lived in any one town - and I now very much feel I have found my hometown in Coventry.  As a result, I feel that I owe it to my town to serve. I hope to expand my continued commitment to Coventry by serving on the Town Council.

Moving Coventry forward in a fiscally responsible manner is critically important. Making the right financial decision today can help prevent unforeseen expenses tomorrow. This applies to all aspects of our Town’s government, from our school system to the support of our police, fire, and EMS systems to maintaining and repairing our roads.

I have been a teacher for 26 years, 15 of them here in Coventry and both of our children are graduates of Coventry High School. I have served as the Director of Coventry Day Camp at Patriots Park and serve as an alternate on the Parks & Recreation Commission. I am a proud Eagle Scout and a Unit Commissioner for both Cub Scout Pack 65 and Boy Scout Troop 65 in Coventry.

Democrats for the Coventry Board of Education 2023-2025


Jen Beausoleil

Chair of the Coventry Board of Education
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I am honored to be currently serving the community I love as Chairman of the Board of Education. I am seeking re-election because Coventry's youth deserve representatives on the BOE who understand how to work in partnership with education professionals, parents, and the community. It is critical that the Coventry school system meet each child’s education and developmental needs as they prepare to live and work in our ever changing 21st century world.

My husband Vern and I are long-time residents of Coventry (27 years), and our children are Coventry High School graduates. I am a member of Coventry Lions Club, founding member of Coventry Citizens for Responsible Government, and a former Coventry Youth Basketball coach.

I have also held the position of Vice-Chairman of the BOE, Chair of the BOE Policy Sub-committee, and numerous other BOE sub-committees, including Fiscal, Policy, Executive, Roof, Expulsion, Gym Naming, Field Naming, Preschool Development, Technology, Superintendent Search, and over 30 labor contract negotiations.

I recently retired from a career of software & electrical engineering management where I led cross discipline technology teams to develop software systems and hi-tech solutions for product development and research-based companies.



Gene Marchand

Vice-Chair of the Coventry Board of Education
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I am running for re-election to the Coventry Board of Education because I believe that educating and caring for our children is critically important to our town, state and country.  Providing a high quality and cost effective education for every Coventry child is of the utmost importance.  As a BOE member for the past 13 years, I am proud to say we do this.

My family has lived in Coventry for 26 years and our two children were educated in the Coventry school system.  I have been a long-time volunteer in our town which has included chaperoning school trips, serving on the Recreation Commission, coaching boys basketball and baseball and girls’ travel basketball.  I was also the co-founder and president of an educational advocacy group, “Coventry Citizens for Responsible Government”. 

 My duties on the BOE have included chairing numerous committees including;  Transportation, Policy, Expulsion, Labor Contract Negotiations, selection of the Student Representative to the BOE as well as being the board liaison to Athletics and Extracurricular Activities.
I have a Masters Degree in social work and a 43 year professional career working with children and youth.  I retired from the State Department of Children and Families after having served as a Program Director for Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, Contract Management and the Wilderness School.


Mary Kortman

Secretary of the Coventry Board of Education
Chair of the Fiscal Committee
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I am committed to the continuous improvement of our schools and currently serve on the Board of Education. As a BOE member for 16 years, including as chair of the fiscal subcommittee.   I am proud of our school district's accomplishments in recent years, including the growing recognition that Coventry offers all students a high-quality education. I am committed to seeing this forward momentum continue. I have served on numerous committees and am currently the chair of the building committee overseeing the High School HVAC. 

My husband and I have lived in Coventry for 45 years. Both of our sons attended Coventry schools and graduated from Coventry High School. I currently have a grandchild in Coventry Schools.  For 30 years, we managed our small business based in Coventry, Ecosystem Consulting Service, Inc and are now retired. In addition to serving on the BOE, I have volunteer experience on the Coventry Economic Development Commission, have been an active supporter of the PTOs at all four schools, and serve as both Treasurer and President of the Coventry High School Band Booster Club.



Emma Eaton

Member of the Fiscal Committee
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My husband Jason and I have lived in Coventry for 17 years and have three children in the Coventry school system. I want to continue the positive work that the BOE has been doing to better our school system and serve our students and their families. With degrees in Elementary and Special Education, I bring the background of an educator with the perspective of a parent to the table, and I am deeply invested in the school system.

I am an active volunteer in our school system and have held the position of PTO President for CGS, helped establish a PTO for HEEC, and have served on hiring committees for administrators. I support Project Grad, PJ Day, and Dollars for Scholars. My PTO accomplishments include installing a permanent shade structure at CGS, upgrading all water fountains to have bottle filling stations, funding literacy programs, and cultural arts assemblies. And those signs you see on school fences and in public areas supporting and encouraging community spirit throughout town—that's me. I am always thinking about the next message to share.

Board of Assessment Appeals
Joan Lewis

Zoning Board of Appeals
Sydney Seale
William Zenko
Cheryl Ann Resha
Caroline Dowd

Zoning Board of Appeals Alternates
Eric Thomas
Patricia Schneider