1. Fiscal Responsibility

Our Goals: Continue to make Coventry an affordable, multi-generational town

Accomplishments for Coventry:

  • Budgeting that receives bi-partisan support
  • Over $50 million taxpayer dollars brought back to Coventry via grants and bonding to fund local projects
  • Ongoing support for economic development for small businesses, such as local childcare providers, artisans, and main street businesses
  • Ensuring Effective town management through responsible budgeting

2. Town Infrastructure

Our Goals: To continue the growth and development of our town for the enjoyment of all 

Accomplishments for Coventry:

  • Recruited and hired excellent town staff, including the town manager and police chief
  • Successfully applied for over 50 million dollars in state and federal funding, including $1 million for enhancements and long-term planning at Miller Richardson park, including the second softball field
  • Ensured completion of multiple capital projects (intersection realignment at Rts. 31 and 44, transfer station move, library renovation project)

3. Public Health and Safety

Our Goals: To ensure the safety and security of our Coventry community

Accomplishments for Coventry:

  • Increased lake patrols
  • Construction of crosswalk on Main Street at high school
  • Continued to increase pedestrian safety with sidewalk projects throughout town, including South Street and around Coventry Lake
  • Continued to budget and plan for strong police and fire/EMS response services, as well as working to resolve the fiscal cliff created by the prior Council.

4. Community Engagement

Our Goals: Continued engagement with the Coventry community

Accomplishments for Coventry:

  • Town Council Chair implemented office hours twice monthly at the library and senior center
  • Collaboration and input from the community in hiring, capital projects, and budgeting
  • Consistent attendance of Town Council members at local and community events
  • Established permanent Senior and Housing Affordability Committee, based on feedback from community surveys

5. Preservation and Enhancement of Natural Resources

Our Goals: To care for our lakes and natural resources

Accomplishments for Coventry:

  • Ongoing budgeting to treat invasive plants at Coventry and Eagleville Lakes
  • Trail development and maintenance by the Protected Spaces Committee
  • Partnerships to support community activities such as Coventry Lake Community Rowing and Coventry Water-Ski Club



1. Student Achievement and Academics

Our Goal: To prepare every student for life, learning, and work in the 21st century

Accomplishments for Coventry:

  • National awards for CHS for academic rigor
  • Blue Ribbon designation for GHRS for excellence
  • Data driven academic programming for individuals and groups
  • Coventry Academy for alternate high school learning program
  • Additional dual enrollment classes for college credit via AP classes, UConn, and the University of Bridgeport
  • Manufacturing and technology education track via partnership with Goodwin University
    98% graduation rate

2. Fiscal Responsibility

Our Goal: To provide high quality learning to Coventry students at a low cost to taxpayers

Accomplishments for Coventry:

  • Long range and strategic budget development process
  • High academic return on investment with low per-pupil cost
  • Transportation cost reduction via route consolidation
    Multiple partnerships with the town for fiscal efficiency (field maintenance, snow removal, technology)
  • Reduction in taxpayer costs through grant funding (security, HVAC, preschool, Open Choice, technology, mental health support services etc.)

3. Infrastructure and Facilities

Our Goal: To continue cost-effective maintenance and replacement of school facilities

Accomplishments for Coventry:

  • Continuation of roof replacement project
  • Replacement of aging CGS playground equipment at extremely reduced costs
  • Started HVAC replacement project to meet new state health standards
  • Redesigned CGS parking lot for improved efficiency and safety

3. School Safety

Our Goal: To ensure students and families have in a safe place to learn and grow

Accomplishments for Coventry:

  • Regular reviews and audits of safety and security practices
  • Additional security upgrades (card access systems, staff badges, cameras, etc.)
  • Redesigned school entryways for enhanced security
  • Created Security and Safety Liaison position to coordinate policies and practices

4. Parental and Community Engagement

Our Goal: To work closely with our community for benefit of students and families

Accomplishments for Coventry:

  • Created opportunity for parents to review detailed, online curriculum
  • Regular school climate surveys to gather parental feedback
  • Seminars for parents (internet safety, drug and alcohol awareness, college planning, etc.)
  • Accessible superintendent, via open-door and information sessions
  • Strong, collaborative relationships with PTOs