How Can I Access the Coventry Public Schools Curriculum

Coventry Schools curriculum leaders met with Superintendent Petrone in November of 2021 to launch a design task for a community/parent portal into the Coventry Public Schools curriculum.  They worked to develop a grade level and subject based summary of topics, provided in an easy to use and understand portal that describes Coventry's implementation of the Connecticut Core Standards Curriculum.  The CT Core Standards Curriculum has always been available on the CT Dept of Education website.
At the March 31, 2022 Board meeting, Dr Petrone updated the Board on how this portal would be available for Board members, community members, and parents in the near future.
The resulting open curriculum portal provides detailed subject information about classes taught in Coventry schools without giving away for free to other towns the lesson plans and curriculum development paid for by Coventry taxpayers.
In July of 2022, the work begun in 2021 was presented to the Board and released to the community.  We are extremely proud of the comprehensive blend of curriculum information in an easy to use web based portal for our parents and community.